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JLPT Exam Classes for N5, N4, N3 Levels, Weekday and Weekend batches start from July 1st week. For More Details, Contact : 9371169698

Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese is an innovative, fun-filled short term course having unique combination of Japanese language and culture. It is taken in a friendly environment and in interactive way. Use of audio/visual enables participants to connect to the actual Japanese environment. This course welcomes people from any age group irrespective of their background and educational qualification. It is the perfect start you need to explore the Japanese language. So, join us for a wonderful experience.



The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (日本語能力試験 Nihongo Nōryoku Shiken), or JLPT, is a standardized criterion-referenced test to evaluate and certify Japanese language proficiency for non-native speakers. It covers language knowledge, reading ability, and listening ability. This test is held twice a year in selected countries including India. WisdomTree ILCS conducts special batches for preparation of these exams with expert faculties & value added guidance.


Japanese For Kids

WisdomTree ILCS drives the natural potential of children to learn the Japanese language. From our very own experiences & from the studies carried out by experts worldwide, we came out with path-breaking ways to interact with the children. Using innovative approaches like flash cards, bit cards, stories, songs, pictures, audio visuals and much more, we start communicating with kids in Japanese from the very first day. This has given us jaw-dropping & inspiring results.


Our Strengths

Beautiful blend of language & culture

WisdomTree ILCS is a unique institute which enriches an individual by offering various courses in the field of languages, culture and self-development. Learning a language is incomplete without knowing the culture. We sensed this need and became the pioneer institute to offer courses having perfect blend of language as well as culture.

Special course for children (3 to 8 years)

We all know that, the children have a unique ability to grasp a language quickly. WisdomTree ILCS decided to drive their natural potential to learn Japanese language. From our very own experiences & from the studies carried out by experts worldwide, we came out with our ways to interact with the children. This effort proved to be very fruitful & an enriching experience for both us & the children

Special attention towards communication

Communication is the sole purpose behind existence of any language. Student at our institutes do not learn language only to appear for exams or to get certified. We take special efforts to make them express their thoughts in Japanese language. This gives them immense confidence. We have consistently received very positive feedbacks for our initiative.

Value addition for the individuals

We, at WisdomTree ILCS, always insist on gaining the real knowledge from our courses. We have equipped ourselves to let our students have a great audio visual learning experience. Besides the language & syllabus, we have a lot to offer them in terms of Educational Documentaries, Serials, Movies & Fun interactive sessions etc. This helps our students to broaden their horizon.

What our students say about us next prev

  • The corporate workshop conducted by WisdomTree ILCS in our company was really a great learning experience. We learned so many value added things and not just the syllabus. I enjoyed all the sessions related to language and culture. Everyday it was a great learning with lots of fun. In all, it was an excellent experience

    Ketaki Pujari, Persistent Systems Limited

  • It was really fantastic to be a student again after so many years. This course is very well designed. Reshma sensei, you made it really easy to learn. I liked the way where we start conversing from the very first day!!! Food culture sessions & songs were awesome.

    Mrunal Dani, Housewife

  • हा क्लास फारंच मस्त आहे. नुसती भाषा शिकण्यापेक्षा, त्या देशाच्या संस्कृतीबद्दलही शिकणे ही कल्पना मला आवडली. ही भाषा शिकायला खरोखर मजा आली. जपानीसारखी अवघड वाटणारी भाषा इतक्या सहज सोप्या पद्धतीने आणि कमी वेळात शिकवली जाऊ शकते यावर माझा आधी विश्वासच बसला नसता. - पृथा लेले, शालेय विद्यार्थिनी.

    Prutha Lele, Highschool Student