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Learn Japanese

Do you want to learn Japanese language but want to be spared of boring classroom sessions?

Do you want to explore a completely new arena but never want that to be a painful experience?

Do you enjoy experiencing a new culture altogether?

If answers, to most of the above questions are positive, then you have come to a right place!

Learn Japanese is an innovative, fun-filled short term course having unique combination of Japanese language and culture. Environment full of enthusiasm & joy is something very special about it. We have to learn a language then why not make it interesting? WisdomTree ILCS came up with this path-breaking concept of having a wonderful blend of language and culture.

So, what do you learn in this course?

Know Japanese Language and Culture…

Japan & Japanese people…

Their syllabary & pictorial script…

Their greetings & basic communication

Hiroshima Nagasaki (Disaster & rebuilding)

Their food & festivals…

Their songs & movies…

Their history & patriotism…

Know about today’s Japan…

Advanced Technology, Bullet trains, Anime,

Robotics, Automobile & Electronic Industry

Have a great fun…

Eat with chopsticks…

Enjoy Japanese food…

and a lot more…

Why Japan?

    Right from the ancient time, Japan has always been a country with a special cultural Heritage.
    Now, in modern era Japan has been the center for Asia’s industrialization & one of the largest economies in the world.
    Due to this, there is a large demand of linguistic as well as technical resources who know Japanese & understand Japanese culture.
    Moral values imparted by Japanese culture are often beneficial for one’s growth.

How do we conduct this course?

    This course is taken in a friendly environment and in interactive way, which appeals to participants.
    Use of Graphics, Audio/Visuals enables them to relate what they learn to actual Japanese environment
    All the teachers have experience of living in Japan, which makes them share a lot more.
    Sessions are carefully designed to add value to one’s knowledge.
    Course material for each session is given to participants, so they can always refer
    Quality practice material is given for home practice.

How are we different?

    Start communicating in Japanese from day-1.
    Enjoy Japanese songs, movie clips & videos.
    Learn to eat with chopsticks & enjoy Japanese delicacies.
    Dramatizing the scenarios will make you enjoy the conversations.

For whom this course is?

    This course welcomes people from any age group irrespective of their background and educational qualification.
    Anyone, who has interest in Japanese language & culture but did not know from where to start is most welcome.
    Students who want to start looking at Japanese language & relevant fields as career option.
    Students who aim to study in Japan can do this course to have a perfect backdrop.
    Those who are traveling to Japan for short/long duration can do this course to have a basic idea about Japan
    Anyone who is interested to learn something new can join this course.

What will you be able to do after this course?

    You will be able to read, write & speak simple Japanese sentences
    You will be able to introduce yourself and initiate basic conversations.
    You will be able to greet Japanese people & will be knowing their etiquette.
    You will have a very good idea of Japanese culture


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